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I went on a mission to find the best ski and snowboard vacation experience in the USA. During my trip, I visited Crested Butte, and then compiled what I learned into this micro guide.

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We arrived at Crested Butte at the wrong time. Crested Butte is a real big mountain rider’s paradise. The north face is a huge area with amazing cliffs, chutes, and steeps. Unfortunately, it had been a few weeks since they’d had a good dump of snow, which is pretty necessary to enjoy that kind of terrain.

The saving grace of the trip was the opening of the High Lift T-Bar, which accessed previously closed terrain. So, although there was no fresh snow, there were some fresh tracks, and the local pros lit it up. This is what it looked like.

crested butte skier snowboarder 01

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Crested Butte was a great surprise for me on this tour. I had heard little about the mountain before we arrived. When I opened up a map of the hill at the hotel desk I was pleasantly surprised by the swaths of black and double-black diamond runs blanket the north face of the mountain.

I was also very stoked about the small ski-town charm. Crested Butte is a perfect example of a small ski town, just like the one I grew up in. Authenticity like that can’t be bought or replicated. Those were all things that the locals told us they loved.

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heavenly ski resort

Heavenly certainly has a lot going for it. At 4800 acres, it’s one of the biggest ski resorts in the United States. It also stands above two unique landscapes — Lake Tahoe and the Nevada desert — which makes for beautiful views unlike those found anywhere else. Heavenly is a Vail Resorts property, and as such the mountain has photographers stationed strategically at particularly beautiful spots to take visitors’ photos, which are then sent to them via the Epic Mix app.

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Heavenly Micro Guide

Matt Gibson —  March 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

We’re traveling to ski resorts in the western U.S. trying to decipher which will provide the best vacation experience for skiers and snowboarders like you. We spent a few days at Heavenly interviewing locals, shooting local skiers and boarders tearing up the hill, and then compiling what we learned into this micro guide. Continue Reading…

Heavenly Eye Candy

Matt Gibson —  March 22, 2013 — 3 Comments

My buddy Bryon and I spent two bluebird days exploring Heavenly, which isn’t nearly enough time to actually get to know all 4800 acres of the massive mountain. Fortunately, I had a very spry guide named Mike Frye. Mike’s a former ski racer, coach, and extremely fit and fast biped who slows down for no man.

So, I despite time constrictions, and thanks to Mike, my snowboard did make contact with a very large portion of that mountain.

This is what it looked like.

Special thanks to Bryon of Exploring Elements for contributing some of his photos to this post. If these pics aren’t enough for you, then you should check out his photos from Heavenly.

Heavenly skier snowboarder

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Heavenly is one of the best-known ski and snowboard destinations in the United States, and for good reason. With Lake Tahoe sprawling below the California side of the gargantuan resort, and the Nevada desert below the other, Heavenly has some of the most beautiful and unique scenery of any resort in the country.

At 4800 acres, this behemoth resort offers something for everybody on the slopes and, with a gondola that drops visitors in the heart of South Lake Tahoe‘s shopping, dining, and gambling, there’s also something for everyone off the slopes.

Here’s what locals and visitors at Heavenly told us they thought of the resort.

What do you think? Could Heavenly be the best resort in the USA?

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