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In the past two days I watched the two most nauseatingly insane free-climbing videos that I’ve ever seen, and they couldn’t be more different.

The first is an amateurish production made by two Russian structure climbers who break in to, and climb, the second tallest building in the world in Shanghai. The footage is simple, shot from GoPro cameras on the climbers’ heads. The effect, though, is an extremely intense as they ascend above the clouds.

The second is a manicured production documenting Alex Honnold — who is according to many the best (if not the most fearless) free climber in history — ascending El Sendero Luminoso without any ropes and completing what some are calling the most difficult free-climb in history. Continue Reading…

Matt Gibson snowboard jump

Catching my first air of the 2012-2013 season.

First Turns

I made my first turns of the season on opening day at Snowbird and I began my investigation into whether or not Utah actually has The Greatest Snow on Earth ® as the state’s trademarked motto claims. It’s an investigation that I will work long and hard — even on weekends — to complete.

It’s going to be a rough winter.  Continue Reading…

kindle fire
I would like to congratulate Kimberley Hilbert, the winner of the Kindle Fire giveaway!

Your new Kindle Fire will be arriving in the mail soon!

I’m planning a big winter of snowboarding to accompany my new job as the Snowboarding Guide. Here’s what I’m going to do.

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The Mongol Rally, now in its eighth year, has succeeded in once again finding the most ridiculous ways to get to Mongolia from Great Britain (and in raising a ton of money for charity).

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Squaw Valley, Vail, Alta, and Aspen have teamed up to offer an incredible group discount pass under the name Mountain Collective™. This pass makes me giddy like a schoolgirl, but their marketing turns me off.

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The escape happened yesterday, but nobody is sure how long they had been planning it for.

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