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A Few Random Pictures from My Trip Home

I’m from a small town in Canada’s Rocky Mountains called Cranbrook.  Cranbrook has a population of about 20,000 people.  The main industries are mining, logging, and tourism.  There are numerous trailer parks and it’s likely there are more people living in trailers than houses.  The surrounding area is checkered with farms. Wide brimmed cowboy hats, […]

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Yenshuei Fireworks Festival 2010 Photo Gallery

The Yenshuei Fireworks Festival (Yenshuei Fong Pao) is a festival held in the Yenshuei township in Southern Taiwan every year.  During the festival millions of fireworks are shot out of large hives into crowds of revelers dressed in heavy clothing and full-face motorcycle helmets.  Each hive may contain as many as sixty thousand fireworks.  If […]

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