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I got started travel blogging differently than most other bloggers I know. Most of the travel bloggers I know loved travel so much that they wanted to find a way to earn a living while traveling.

I arrived in this occupation from a completely different direction. I always wanted to be a writer (you can read more about my writing adventures in my Timeline of My Life As A Writer on this page) and I studied journalism in university.

I was teaching English in Taiwan then I first started pitching magazines, but I wasn’t getting assignments as consistently as I wanted to. I thought that choosing a niche to focus on would help. Since there were few people writing about Taiwan at the time, I decided to become a travel writer. Continue Reading…

kilimanjaro peak

Images and text by Mark Whitman

Climbing Kilimanjaro is definitely an adventure, but I’ve never personally looked at it that way.

Thousands flock to Tanzania every year with the sole purpose of attempting to reach what many colloquially call the Roof of Africa. Standing at 19,341 feet (5,895 meters), Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the African continent and the tallest non-massif (free-standing) mountain in the world.

The mountain’s popularity among hikers can be attributed to its Seven Summit status and the fact that it’s a non-technical climb. This means that anyone at (nearly) any age can climb Kilimanjaro. Fitness and physical ability are also more flexible than on many other climbs. Canadian couple Esther and Martin Kafer reached the summit at the ripe old ages of 84 and 85, while armless and legless Kyle Maynard crawled to the top of Kilimanjaro unassisted in 2012.

Compared to these extraordinary feats, I’ve never felt that my young, able-bodied experiences on Kilimanjaro were very adventurous.

It then dawned on me, recently, that I had indeed been part of a Kilimanjaro experience similar to those described above.

My first experience on Kilimanjaro was with a childhood mate who had suffered from partial sightedness for most of his life. Continue Reading…

Colombian Coffee Farmer A few weeks ago, after reading a Buzzfeed article about people’s bad roommate experiences of all things, I decided that I wanted to compile an article of peoples’ most poignant travel experiences, whether they were funny, scary, or sentimental.

The results were way better than I expected, so now I think I may do a series (if you’d like to contribute a story, there’s info at the end of the post).  Continue Reading…

Airport security does not have to be an unpleasant experience

Airport security does not have to be an unpleasant experience

Summer is the busiest air travel time in Canada. Whether you’re packing for a family vacation, visiting relatives or exploring new corners of the world, an easy and stress-free travel experience starts by preparing for the security checkpoint. These tips from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) can help. Continue Reading…

Lets make some money folks!

This is a crowdsourced travel publisher directory including rates of pay for writing and photography and contact information.

A submission form is at the bottom of the page. Please contribute what you know if you plan to use the contributions of others. It literally only takes about two minutes.

Continue Reading…

I’ve hit a couple of excellent powder days at Canyons Resort here in Utah and gotten some great photos and videos.  I’m a painfully slow video editor, so until I can get a bigger and better edit up, here’s one a made a couple of weeks ago.

It was bliss.


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